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Review: COSRX – Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Packaging: This product comes in a frosted plastic bottle (100ml) with a clear cap that pulls right off. It features an airless pump, making the product less susceptible to bacteria contamination and spillage. This is the most ideal way to have your products packaged, so that’s a 5/5 in this regard.

Price: $21 CAD from Chuusi or $19 USD from Jolse and Solo Glam. I’ve been using this product since January, 2x a day, and I’m only just half way through this product. In my opinion, this is worth every dollar due to how long it lasts and because it’s so efficient at what it does.

Consistency: As you can see from the photos above, this product has a thick viscosity that spreads very easily. Immediately after applying, it will feel sticky but as it sinks in, its finish leaves your skin feeling amazingly smooth and well hydrated.

Scent: Absolutely no scent! Perfect for those who are intolerant to fragrances in skincare products.

Ingredients: What makes this product so special is its main ingredient, snail mucin, at a whopping 96%. It has the highest concentration of snail mucin on the market right now, so you’d be hard pressed to find a better snail product than this one. Snail mucin is not only full of nutrients, but it also protects the skin against aging, it hydrates, heals, and most notably soothes the skin from sunburns and irritations. Looking at the photo above of my face, you can see that after only an hour and a half, my inflamed acne* already looks less red and angry. According to CosDNA, the only acne trigger is butylene glycol (solvent + moisturizer) while the only irritant is carbomer (viscosity control), both ingredients being very common in skincare products, so it is highly unlikely that you would have any issues with this product (unless, of course, you fall under the unlucky category of people who cannot tolerate snail mucin). Because of its simple ingredient list, I can (and often do) smear this product all over my face in multiple thick layers, and I don’t even have to worry about it clogging my pores or contributing to more acne!

Overall Review: My first interaction with this product is actually something right out of a love story. One day, my skin was angry at me because I had over-exfoliated it, which caused it to feel tight, become oily and overly dry with patches at the same time, and everything I normally used on my skin actually burned. Out of desperation, I found myself rummaging through a bunch of skincare samples I had received from my latest Jolse order, and I came across this product. I had remembered reading reviews about it and how it helped with all of these issues, so I decided to take the plunge and just smother it all over my face. I did not regret it. The very next day, every issue I had seemed to have dissipated like magic. I was instantly smitten and had to go and buy myself a full bottle of it (and of course we lived happily ever after).

But really, if you have normal skin with very little issues (esp. acne), this product may actually seem very underwhelming in your skincare routine, but I believe this product is a must-have for everybody. Sunburn? Snail mucin. Acne? Snail mucin. Random cut on your arm/leg/etc.? Snail. Worried about premature aging and wrinkles? Snail, snail, snail. With a product like this on hand, there is really very little for you to have to worry about. Move over, aloe vera, because snail mucin is making its way into all of our cabinets. 5/5.

* Spoiler alert! The breakout you see on my chin was due to something I ate. Read about the difference between a food-related acne trigger vs. a normal, hormonal breakout here.


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